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488 Series Repairable Cylinders
The 488 Series is a Repairable Round Line Air Cylinder with more mounting and thread type options than most competitive drop-in replacements, including standard magnets and bumpers as well as optional adjustable cushions. Expertly engineered, this cylinder's robust design is more reliable than most non-repairable cylinders which makes it ideal for the high cycle rates found in numerous automation applications.

Standard Specifications:

    Action: Double Acting, Single and Double Rod
    Bore: 20 - 80mm
    Stroke: 5 – 1,000mm
    Magnet: Standard
    Switch: Options available for all bore sizes
    Bumpers: Standard
    Adjustable Cushions: Optional
    Port Types: BSPT, NPTF, G and M7
    Mountings: 17 styles available
    Optimal Max. Speed: 1 m/s


All Full Flow Port Thread Types (BSPT, NPTF, G and M7):

    Proven, 25% faster than competitive standards

17 Mounting Styles:

    Only repairable cylinder in the industry offering:
        Rear spherical eye adjustable mount which reduces nose seal and bearing wear
        Detachable nose mount for all bore sizes
    Design flexibility as these mounts can be installed on either or both ends of the cylinder

Flush Encapsulated Cushions

    Cushion adjustments are captive and resistant to vibration

Female and Male Rod End as Standard

    Allows for rod stud replacement and flexibility in design
    Female rod allows ability to adjust final thread which is important in high speed applications

Available Position Sensing

    Round body allows for 360° switch mounting
    Sensors can be directly connected to Numatics G3 input modules

Up to 1,000mm of Stroke

    Achieve maximum linear movement

Heavy Duty Piston Wear Band

    Industry-leading, proven heavy duty piston wear band that is more than 50% wider than competitive offerings
    Extend cylinder seal life with a wider wear band by absorbing side load

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