Pneumatic FRL


Numatics products are now branded as Aventics!  Aventics is the signature brand for Emerson’s full line of pneumatic products, systems, and solutions.  Rebranded products will keep their existing part numbers, and product specifications, certifications, dimensions, and materials will remain unchanged.


Numatics is an innovator in the FRL market, offering a complete line of modular and stand-alone products. Our “653/652/651” system is designed to be simple and economical, minimizing connections and eliminating leakage. Our complete line of electronic proportional regulators offers extremely accurate pressure and flow control for a wide range of applications. We also offer a full range of coalescing filters, lock-out valves, and FRL accessories.

J.H.Laas Company has represented Numatics since 1959. We feature a complete inventory and the ability to design and build the ideal FRL package for your application.


Rosedale supplies filtering systems capable of water system filtration, cooling tower filtration and more.  Rosedale products are perfect for a variety of industrial applications, portable water filtration systems, process efficiency, lowering maintenance and energy costs, and ensuring the product or associated service can be performed properly.