Proximity Sensors

In the high tech world of electronic sensor products, Baumer is a name you can count on. They manufacture the highest quality line of inductive, capacitive, photo, and laser sensors available. Their innovative products are extremely easy to apply and feature integrated teaching and diagnostic aids built in to the products. They are known for their space saving designs and their ultra long life in the most difficult industrial applications. We stock a wide array of their products and are ready to assist you with your application requirements.

Go Switch from TopWorx provides reliable, durable proximity sensing in the most demanding conditions. Using unique magnetic technology, Go Switch outperforms all other types of sensors in the most demanding environments. We have switches for off road equipment, hazardous locations, food & beverage, wastewater, and nuclear applications.


HTM Electronics manufactures a complete line of inductive and photoelectric sensors as well as light curtains, cables, and sensor accessories. Their weld field immune sensors and silicone jacketed cables are ideal for all types of automated welding equipment. Their unique vending program offers consignment inventory as well as complete usage analysis.